‎[[[ Introduction of the entrants in this Championship! ]]]

(Hagbard Hyx / Rosie Varnish / Nadis Salamander / ruriazule / Marikatea Feila)
After taking a rest for a while, they have come back. Are they restored to the throne?

+Bloody Rose+
(Qyasvaru Dawg / xazukitanx / Sakula Felisimo / chillaluna)
New red roses originated in Kiba arena. They have increased their blood relationships, they challenge anyone to beat them!

(obi Galli / Elmer Follet / Kachin Twine / Syurele Ewing)
It has been a long time since Orbital the Samurai is called an old campaigner. All who prosper must decline, although, they might explode the established theory!

Mithril Blue
(Selmaskye shieldmaiden / Haruka Lapis / Mitumi arida / Zacro amaterasu / Shinobu winsmore / Yoshihiro Obolensky)
They rekindled members by reshuffling the team, and have gotten more skillful. Are they going to unseat the previous champion?

(Ryu Kamiguwa / orochi Garzo / chako Mint)
They came into sudden prominence in 2012, and reached the zenith. Do they disappear as suddenly as they appears, or...

(youko Scarpulla / Sudachee Vanderpoole / Coral Runo / miorann Resident / YATAKARASU Aya)
Fashionista bunnies have been raising each individual skill. Romp around on the arena and get victory!

(Taiga Nirvana / Super Noel / Ranpo / Sankichi / Yuka Theas / Harukana)
The winner of the second half year tournament in October. With high skills and high goal average, the team will be a dark horse in the end of 2012.

Three Musketeers
(tantei Burt / pon Xaron / Setsuna Flagon)
It will be interesting to see how the teamwork of the Musketeers, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis works! (Btw, who is applied to whom?)

(Satoko Koba / sayaca Unplugged / AEGIS Loon / akira Zelin)
Seems like beasts who act on instinct. Four beasts roar, and hunt down.

(terra Asuter / Suika Manamiko / Hidejirou Denja / KodaKumi Popstar)
Getting over the moving their home arena, they have gotten even tougher than before. The team devote all its energies to this championship!

- - - - - - - - - -

Convention! (as you know)

SIMball players must be fashionable! But please try to cut down on ARC (Avatar Rendering Costs). Some players can't see mesh clothes yet, so you better not wear mesh. Also take off scripted things as much as you can before tp-ing to the SIM. Beware of scripted hair, shoes and accessories. Please ask for reducing scripts to friends who come watch and cheer you. LET'S ACHIEVE THE COMPLETE "SCRIPT 0"!

All translated from terra Auster's blog. http://terra-auster.blogspot.jp/ (Jp)
English information is available on Coral's facebook. http://www.facebook.com/coral.runo (En)

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