"Woo Hoo! The SIMball in Swimsuit" Introduction of Players



"Woo Hoo! The SIMball in Swimsuit" Introduction of Players


Sudachee Vanderpoole
She plays better than on the ground. See her amazing "The Dolphin Jump Goal"!

youko Scarpulla
Water? Waves? She doesn't care. She jumps higher than usual and dunks!

Coral Runo
Is she gonna be a woman diver for abalones? Tell her it's not coral reefs here!

Don't let a chance get away that is within your grasp. Don't mistap keys again! (She did it and suddenly froze in the previous match)

She rides Tesla today, and makes rivals and buddies into stones like Gorgon!

She has a high potential ability. The scales might fall from your eyes when she jumps and goals!

Lil Delicioso
Is she the Bond girl or Charlie's angel? The beautiful assassin from abroad!

davido Chrome
He has taken off all clothes and been back to the wild beast. He's gonna hunt humans?

tantei Burt
"Tantei" means a detective. His swimsuit is "Fundoshi" which is Japanese old-fashioned loincloth. And he never takes the mantle off. Who is he? A comedian?

Hidejirou Denja
He's unstoppable when he has a pretty girl on each arm!

pon Xaron
A gentleman as always. But today, he turns into a werewolf who raids beauties!

lan Ferraris
She is the SIM owner here. Seems unapproachable? No, sometimes people say they hate what they really love.

orochi Garzo
No matter who team up with him, he just gets along with buddies. "Orochi" means a giant serpent!

Aesop's Fables never again! We wonder if a bunny can swim, though.

KodaKumi Popstar
Launching swift counter-attacks. That's what he's best at!

harunyan21th Camel
A debutante! ♥ She would breathe new life into SIMball?

Qyasvaru Dawg
Take a look at his well-sunburned skin! People refer to him as "The Red Comet" who is skillful at surfing!

obi Galli
Where is Sigourney Weaver? He is the last subscriber who schemes to invade the earth!

*The tourney starts at 10:30 p.m. JST (6:30 a.m. PST) on 11th Aug..

*The place;
"Yokohama Sport Land" special summer sea arena. We have been building this limited arena just for this tourney!

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